Managed Wifi: Everything Your Company Needs To Know

If managed wifi for service providers has been something your company has been trying to wrap their head around, then don’t worry, here is your one stop shop for understanding everything there is to know about managed wifi, and, more importantly, how it benefits you and your company!

As more and more companies turn to managed wifi as a solution to their wifi related problems, it’s imperative that you wrap your head around it so you can integrate it into your business too. Why? Well, customers expect it, because it makes yours and your customers’ lives easier!

What Is Managed Wifi For Service Providers?

Managed wifi is simply where a service partner manages your wifi for you, to ensure that everything is running as it should. See it as you outsourcing your wifi problems to a team that is better equipped to deal with it. This is because the businesses that provide these services, such as Divitel, focus only on the stability of your wifi. Rather than you having to juggle different balls in the air as you try to create new content, focus on distribution, and work out configuration, service partners worry about your wifi for you.

They troubleshoot any issues, ensure the network is running as it should be, and make sure that your customers are able to get the most out of the service that they are paying for. Updates, maintenance, and wifi security take up a lot of a company’s time, so by partnering with a qualified service partner, you can guarantee a much smoother operation for both you and your customers.

How Does Managed Wifi Benefit Your Company?

The first thing to point out here is that we are not, in any way, criticizing the IT department your company already has in place. They do amazing things on a daily basis keeping IT infrastructures moving. However, by partnering with a managed wifi provider, you will actually be doing your IT team a massive favor. It’s easy in IT to become bogged down with troubleshooting various problems throughout the day, and this can lead to a more stilted approach to development.

Your department should be focussed on the needs of the business, driving innovation and creative thinking, and championing progress. If they’re responsible for managing the wifi themselves, well, there’s little room left in the day for that. Instead, they’ll be much more likely to be chasing their tails and putting out fire after fire trying to make your network run smoothly, but with a managed wifi, your service partner deals with that so your company can get back to doing what they do best.

Another important benefit to you is that partners that provide managed wifi for service providers are expertly trained to look out for, deal with, and prevent security breaches. Your managed wifi provider will monitor your network 24/7 and will be able to deal with any security issues that they are faced with in the moment, meaning your job as a service provider is much simpler as you focus on, well, providing your services. You get to leave the security concerns to your managed wifi provider instead.

The last point we want to make here is that managed wifi benefits your company because it benefits your customers. Whenever your customer logs on to access your services, they expect to be able to get what they want as quickly as possible. But if the network at your end simply isn’t working in the way that it ought to be, then your customers won’t be getting the service that they have paid for.

Slow loading times, annoying loading circles, and black screens will plague your customers until they eventually decide to give up, stop paying for your services, and move on to others that are doing it better. But with a managed wifi you take away those risks. With a dedicated team ensuring your network is running quickly and smoothly, troubleshooting any problems for you, and providing updates to ensure your moving along with the times, you can be rest assured that your network is the best it can be.

Next Steps

If managed wifi for service providers is something that you want to learn more about, then visit for more information. Hopefully, this brief guide has covered the key points so that your company is more comfortable taking the next steps forwards towards managed wifi and a more stress-free approach to your network. Click here to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Divitel.